Full Welsh breakfast ~    free range bacon, free range poached or fried egg, free range pork and leek sausage, laver bread, baked beans, bread and butter with

tea, coffee or OJ.

Veggie breakfast ~    free range poached or fried egg, homemade Glamorgan sausage, mushrooms fried in olive oil, laver bread, baked beans, bread and butter with tea, coffee or OJ.

Bacon butty,

Egg butty,

Sausage butty.

A selection of healthy cereals is always available with fresh organic cows milk or

soya milk.

Main course and Snacks

To accompany our main meals we offer a choice of boiled rice, seasoned saute potatoes or salad.

Salad bar ~  Freshly prepared salad bar with a choice of healthy salads and dressings

Lamb cawl ~   a traditional Welsh stew with potatoes, leeks, carrots, swede, parsnips, onions and free range lamb, served with a freshly baked roll.

Vegeterian alternative also available.

Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese ~   cooked in a creamy cheese and white wine sauce with a crisp layer of mature Welsh chedder. (V)

Beef stew and dumplings ~  free range beef cooked in a red wine gravy with onions, carrots and fluffy wholemeal dumplings.

Chicken and leek casserole ~   free range chicken in a white wine sauce with leeks, onions and carrots.

Cottage pie ~   free range minced beef in a rich gravy topped with creamy mustard mash and melted mature welsh chedder.

Rarebit ~   a blend of mature Welsh chedder cheese, onions and mustard smothered over freshly baked bread and topped with grilled tomato. (V)

Cheese, leek and potato pie ~  creamy mashed potato with leeks and mature Welsh chedder cheese baked until golden brown. (V)

Faggots and peas ~   taditional made faggots served with mushy peas and apple sauce.

Quiche and salad ~   free range egg quiche with spinach, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms in wholemeal pastry.


 For dessert we have freshly baked welsh cakes, bara brith, carrot cake and plenty more yummy cakes.

There will also be daily specials and light snacks.